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BBCh21 RACE #01 - MTB (XC) Race

Webpage Link:MTB (XC) Race
Registraion Link:
FB Event Link:

When : 28th February 2021
Where : Avathi, Nandi Road
Start Point Google Map:

Reporting Time : 6:30AM
Lap Distance : 4.5 km
(If any changes in route, we will update and share it ONLY on FB page and FB event page.)

-: Elite :- Race Start : 7:30AM | Laps : 9
-: Amateur :- Race Start : 7:35AM | Laps : 8
-: Women :- Race Start : 7:40AM | Laps : 4/5
-: U-18 :- Race Start : 9:30AM | Laps : 3/4
-: U-14 (10+ to U14) :- Race Start : 10:00AM | Laps : 2/3
-: U-10 (6+ to U10) :- Race Start : 10:15M | Laps : 1/2
-: U-06 (FREE: Fun Ride) :- Race Start : 10:30AM | Laps : Half/1

Cut-off Time for all : 11:00AM

Note : 1. We need minimum registration for Elite & Amateur Categories. In case of lesser number of registrations into Elite & Amateur, then both categories will be merged into Open Men.
2. We need minimum 10 participants on race day in U-10 and U-14 Kids categories. In case of lesser number of participation, then that category will be merged with next age category.
3. We need minimum 6 participants on race day in U-10 (Girls/Boys) and U-14 (Girls/Boys) Kids categories. In case of lesser number of participation, then Boys and Girls category will be merged with same category.
ie: If U-10 category has only 5 participants on race day, then we will merge U-10 category with U-14 Category. U-10 and U-14 Category riders will share the same podium.

Race Fee : Online -INR 699/- (NO Spot Registration)
Race Fee : Online -INR 499/- for U-10 and U-14 (NO Spot Registration)

Register To Race |  Volunteer Signup

Note: Registration will be closed by Tuesday, 23rd February (Midnight)




Bangalore Bicycle Championships is going with first MTB Race of the season 2021. Race will be at Avathi, Nandi Hill Road.

Get your race face on people and get ready for a rocking MTB season at the Bangalore Bicycle Championships.
For more details of the Race, Click Here…

Categories :
* Elite (Open for all)
PS : Who participate in Elite should stick to Elite category for rest of the season, they cann’t go back to Amateur in other road races of this season.
Elite category is also open for anybody who wants to race but since that is the category where most of the pro cyclists take part, it is better to have some good level of experience to enroll into Elite category otherwise it might cause inconvenience for the entire peloton due to handling and skill set.
* Amateur
Amateur category is open for anybody who wants to race irrespective of age.
* Women
– Girls below the age of 18 may opt for Women category also if they wish to.
* Under18 (both boys and girls)
U-10, U-14 and U-18 category is common for both boys and girls who are between the age of 6+ to 10, 10+ to 14 and 14+ to 18. Girls may opt for Women category also if they wish to.
– Photo and Birth date ID card mandatory.
– Its mandatory for parent/guardian/team manager to accompany the participants.
– Parent/Guardian/team manager owns full responsibility of the safety of the participant. They will have to sign the indemnity form before issue of BIB, without which the participant will not be allowed to take part in the race.
* U-06 Kids (Fun Ride)
Participants age should be lesser than 06 years. Parent/Guardian presence is a must. No restriction on type of bike (they can race with tricycle also 😛 ) (born on 24-January-2011 or after)

DIRECTION Start Point From Hebbal:
Race Details: Avathi (Take right from Nandi Hill Main Road)
Race Venue / Parking / Registration Desk : Next to Trees and open ground
@ 11:00 O’Clock – Podium :
Race Notes :
  • It’s a MTB Dirt Race so ride with safety gears.
  • Water and refreshments will be available at the venue.
  • Riders are expected to be on self supported race mode including mechanical fixing, flat fixing, carrying their own toolkit, towing of the cycle if required etc.
  • Emergency ambulance support will be available (Thanks to Sita Bhateja speciality hospital and Spectrum Physio. You guys are awesome!)
  • Any rider can contact the race director through a specified BBCh phone number which will be active ONLY on race day (+91 98860 46777)
  • Riders are expected to read and understand and adhere to the rules of the race available on the website
  • The race referee reserves the sole discretion of analyzing any situation during the race and his opinion will be considered final.
  • Registration is strictly Online and no spot registration will be allowed
  • If you would like to get in touch with the the core team, please do shoot us an email at

BBCh21 Race #01 - MTB (XC) Race Result