When : Sunday, 17th January 21
Where : Old Madras Road
Google Start Point :
Reporting Time : 6:00AM (30 mins before your start time)
Race Start : 7:00AM (As per your allocated time)
Distance : 33.5 kms Only (It may vary little bit as per your Cyclo-comp or Garmin)
Race Cut Off Time : 90 Minutes (From your start time) | 100 Minutes for Non-road bike, U18 and Women
Race Fee : Online -INR 699/- (NO Spot Registration)

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Note: Registration will be closed by Friday, 15th January (midnight)

In January 2021, We have multiple training/practice events for the awesome XIII (Thirteen) Edition of the Bangalore Bicycle Championships Season. Get your race face on people and get ready for a rocking new road season at the Bangalore Bicycle Championships.

The Route :

Out and back along the Old Madras Road, starting in the service road, entering the highway immediately. Stay on the highway for approximately 16.5km, and take a U-turn just after the Confident Amoon Resort. You’ll experience headwinds on the way out, so fight through it and enjoy the return!

How to Get There :
The start point is situated on the service road adjacent to Emerald Isle Resort, approximately 6km past the toll gates on the Old Madras Road, heading towards Kolar.

Map to race start :

Race Details:
Race Venue / Parking / Registration Desk : Emerald Isle Resort, approximately 10km past the toll gates on the Old Madras Road.
Start Point : Opp. to Emerald Isle Resort.
Points of caution from start-point :

@ 16.5km U- turn, with U-turn sign marked on road.
(16.5km as per car odometer and may vary little bit as per cyclo-comp or Garmin)
@ 33.5km – Finish Line

Between @ 9:40 to 10:00 O’Clock – Podium
What is a ITT?
An Individual Time Trial (ITT) is a road bicycle race in which cyclists race alone against the clock on flat or rolling terrain, or up a mountain road – literally “against the watch”. ITTs are also referred to as “the race of truth”, as winning depends only on each rider’s strength and endurance, and not on help provided by team-mates and others riding ahead and creating a slipstream.

Starting times are at equal intervals, usually one or two minutes apart. The starting sequence is usually based on the finishing times in preceding races (or preceding stages in the case of a multi-stage race) with the highest ranked cyclist starting last. Starting later gives the racer the advantage of knowing what time they need to beat (and also makes the event more interesting to pectators). Competitors are not permitted to draft (ride in the slipstream) behind each other. Any help between riders is forbidden. The rider with the fastest time is declared the winner.
Race Notes :
1. What is this start list for ?
– Rider will start as per the start list.

2. I see two times? start time (race clock) & start time (real time), what are they ?
– race clock will be started when first rider starts, real time is for your reference at what time you will start(real time is in IST)

3. When should i collect my bib ?
– you can plan your arrival as according to your start time. Make sure you are lined up 5 mins before your start time.

4.What is the time interval?
– 30 Secs (It may vary on participants number)

5. How is the start order designed
– Start order is designed based on last years results, winner will go in last.

6. What will happen if a person miss his start time ?
– He will loose his time or he has to start at last.

7. Why are we introducing this year
– This is the ITT standard format, we are trying to improvise on what we did last year.

8. What is the use of having a start list ?
* It is the standard format of ITT to publish start order before race.
* Participants can plan their start ( warm-up and nutrition)
* This will help participants and teams to plan arrival before their start time.

9. Where should i put my bib ?
– MUST be on front handle bar of your bicycle

Standard Operating Procedure for BBCh Race, January 17th, 2021
The below are additional rules of racing for the ITT. These are not mere guidelines! Racers who are found not adhering to these rules will be stripped of their bibs and will be suspended from the race or race standings or both.

These rules are to be adhered to in addition to the usual rules and regulations found here:

We are all here to race and no to infect anyone or catch an infection.
1) Social distancing is an absolute mandate and not a suggestion.
2) Wearing a mask till you are flagged off is compulsory. You will carry your mask during the race and put in back on as soon as you cross the finish line. This is non-negotiable!
3) You will have to show that you are safe to be around using the Arogya Sethu app on your personal phone at the time of bib collection. You can download the app here for your respective devices.
-Google Play Store…
-Apple App Store
4) Bib distribution will be done in a staggered line.
5) Your temperature and travel history (for outstation racers) will be logged at the registration desk.
6) As soon as you finish your race, you will head to the desk, return your bib and trade it in for your participation medal and refreshments in a staggered line. It’s strictly first come first served.
7) We may/may not have podium ceremony.
8) You have to leave the race start/ finish premises as soon as you conclude your race.
9) We discourage group photos and hugs. *Sorry
10) There will be no crowding for absolutely any reason.
Please remember that your results will be suspended if you are found violating any of the above rules.

Covid19 Disclaimer:

1. Your safety (road safety & COVID19) is your own responsibility and BBCh is no-way responsible for that.
2. Please maintain social distance of minimum 6 feet from each other.
3. Please wear mask when you are not riding.
4. Please carry your own hand sanitizer for precaution.
5. Please exercise ‘touch-less’ to the fullest extent and avoid any kind of gathering before, during and after the race.
6. Please be aware that the races will go on in future also and this is not the ‘must attend’ event incase if you are unwell for some reason. So please be judicial about your participation.
7. Please be informed that if there is any new government order regarding the event, it might get postponed again or cancelled at the last moment.
8. Please blindly follow – wear mask, sanitize hands, maintain 6 feet distance and do not gather together.
9. Please follow all COVID19 Government guidelines

  • It’s a pretty even and smooth road surface which is mildly rolling.
  • We will have a volunteer at the U-turn point. Water and refreshments will be available at the start and finish line.
  • Riders are expected to be on self supported race mode including mechanical fixing, flat fixing, carrying their own toolkit, towing of the cycle if required etc.
  • Emergency ambulance support will be available (Thanks to Sita Bhateja speciality hospital and Spectrum Physio. You guys are awesome!)
  • Any rider can contact the race director through a specified BBCh phone number which will be active ONLY on race day (+91 9886046777)
  • Riders are expected to read and understand and adhere to the rules of the race available on the website
  • The race referee reserves the sole discretion of analyzing any situation during the race and his opinion will be considered final
  • Registration is strictly on-line and no spot registration will be allowed
  • If you would like to get in touch with the the core team, please do shoot us an email at

BBCh21 January - ITT Result