About us: Bangalore Bicycle Championships

Well it all began at 2009 with a few ‘weekend warriors’ mashing pedals as they raced their way to Nandi every Sunday. In a span of just five years, its grown by leaps and bounds. Today, we have more then 8 teams, with an average of 10 to 12 competitors each, training all the year-round. Each race day we have an average of about 80 competitors, semi-pros flying in from Delhi, Pune, Chennai and Mumbai to compete, tons of volunteers and spectators. In short, the Bangalore Bicycle Championships (BBCh) are a bicycle racing championship for amateurs, organised by professionals modeled on an international format.

Over the last six years, BBCh has consistently set the standards by conducting great races in Bangalore. Along with the quality of the racing, the competition and the participation kept growing. But, with BBCh growing in popularity and more teams with state and national level riders coming up.

In 2015, BBCh have increased the race count and ensured that there is a race every month for roadies till July. There are 6 tarmac and 4 dirt races this year as total 10 races from February to November. Race day is always on the third Sunday of each month. We love all forms of biking and our championships reflect this with not just road races but also the first downhill, criterium, cyclocross and team time trial races in the country.

But what do people get out of it you ask?

No, we don’t have prize money or even great prizes. We aren’t evangelical activists who are making a statement about changing the world through cycling (though we wouldn’t object to decent biking infrastructure in this country). We’re about regular people with regular jobs pushing their own own limits to the very maximum. We have people grimly sweating it out as they train for each race. Its about cartloads of fun, exhilaration, the wind in your hair, pain in your quads, the primal urge to compete and pure adrenalin. In short, its about feeling ALIVE. And its about a little bit of street cred too.

Our race updates can be accessed on Facebook BBCh page. You’ll also find it a nice chronicle of our past races with timings, race points, podium finishes and images.